Senckenberg - rivers exhibition

© Senckenberg | Tränkner

© Senckenberg | Tränkner

Interactive Global Water Cycle

With this interactive exhibit, the user can control the globe and the global water cycle. Thus it is possible to discover scientific information about the water cycles of the earth playfully.

Interactive regional Water Cycle

The influence of individual parameters on the water cylce is immediately visible on the interactive regional water cycle exhibit. The simulation, which works with real data from the Hessian State Office for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG), is an absolute novelty.

© Senckenberg | LOLATTA

© Senckenberg | LOLATTA

© Senckenberg | LOLATTA

© Senckenberg | LOLATTA

our work

Yannik Hupfer and Til Müller worked as freelancers on the two exhibits shown above.

We set the technological standards, developed the applications and designed the relief.


A beautiful and enlightening exhibit that you should definitely check out.


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Making of Video

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