Chicken Rush - Game ApP

Chicken Rush was our first commercial game project for Smartphones, published by Lunatic Eye Studios.

Game Description

Experience Chicken Rush as a simple pleasure anytime on your smartphone!


Concentrate and try to guide your chickens as quickly as possible through the mazes of the world of Chicken Rush. But be careful! There are numerous traps lurking for you! Dodge, find the right path and escape creatures.


A super simple top down platformer which is easy to learn but very difficult to master. Different game design principles are cleverly combined to create a unique feeling and gaming experience. Modern hand-painted 3D graphics ensure a fresh and attractive gaming experience.


There is something for everyone here: Casual players will have a lot of fun navigating their chickens quickly. But hardcore players are also required here! In order to get all the stars, the individual stages have to be perfectly coordinated and mastered.



⭐ Simple, casual gameplay with challenges that the player can set themselves!

⭐ Flocks of CHICKENS! 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

⭐ (Lots of skins) Soon!

⭐ Lots of levels with increasing difficulty

⭐ Wonderful 3D graphics with perfection for performance and aesthetics.

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